Privacy Policy

Live Wire Networks respects your privacy. We do not share non-public information except as required by law. We do not sell personal or business information. Non-public information is any information that is not available from any public source.

Information Collected

Non-public information that we collect includes your name, address, phone numbers, Email address, and billing information. Billing information, including credit card data, is entered through a secure online payment system. This information is not stored on company servers or databases. Any billing information that is conveyed via phone or quote form is destroyed once entered into the payment system.

Telephone & Account Transfers

As a telephone company we are required to provide your phone numbers and account information to other telephone companies when switching service. The information provided to an inquiring service provider includes name, account number, phone numbers, and contract status.

Information Stored & Protected

Information stored include name, address, phone numbers, Email address, call detail records, voicemail messages, Email messages, and web hosting statistics. All of this data is protected with physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to prevent disclosure to any outside party. This stored information is only available to service personnel who may need to access various information to conduct technical diagnostic activity and other customer service requests.

Marketing Activity

Live Wire Networks may use your contact information to send service notices, maintenance activity, newsletters, and other LiveWireNet service information. You may choose to opt in or out of any of these messaging systems.

Sale or Transfer of Company

In the event of a sale of the business or transfer of ownership any acquiring company or merger partner will assume the responsibilities detailed in this privacy policy.

Core Business Focus

Live Wire Networks considers doing business with you a privilege and is focused on providing the best service we can. We are not in the business of selling customer information of any type.


Digital IP Phone Service

  • Cost Effective IP Phone Service
  • Conventional Line Based Service
  • Hosted Service - Eliminates In-Office PBX
  • Clear Call Quality
  • Carrier Level Trunk Lines
  • Land Line Equivalent Service
  • Managed IP Network
  • Full 911 Operation
  • Minimal Taxes & Surcharges
  • Excellent Service & Support

Starting at $25

Broadband Internet

Our broadband offerings are the highest quality in the industry. We offer several DSL services as well as Wireless Broadband and direct Ethernet connectivity solutions to suit the needs of business and residential customers alike. LiveWireNet® offers a Priority Broadbandsm class of service for higher demand business grade requirements and a ValueLinksm connection for cost efficient home and small office connections.

Starting at $25

Network Installation

  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Fiber Optic Termination
  • Service Entry Construction
  • Cat 5E & Cat 6 Structured Systems
  • MDF & IDF Construction
  • Network Testing & Trouble Resolution
  • Wireless Access Point Installation
  • Telephone Switch Installation
  • Emergency Service Available