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Broadband Internet

LiveWireNet® provides broadband service using multiple technologies. WBB, Direct Ethernet, and direct fiber optic. This broadband technology mix allows several service options to match any performance or budget requirement. Competitive rates, quick installation, and local network assistance to help integrate the new service into your network.

LiveWireNet® serves homes and businesses. If you are setting up a home office or a new business be sure to ask about our small office specials.

WBB - Wireless Broadband

  • New Technologies Support Critical Communications
  • Fault Tolerant, Frequency Agile
  • High Reliability Design & Deployment Methods
  • Service Rates from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps
  • Low Latency Response Time 5-10ms
  • Quick Install – No Need to Wait for Excavation Construction
  • Backhoe Proof – No Down Time for Cable Cuts


LiveWireNet® Ethernet service is a direct ethernet connection that starts at 5Mb and can extend to 100Mb for high demand office and data center connections. LiveWireNet® ethernet is a symmetrical (same speed up & down) business grade service for businesses with high bandwidth needs. Direct ethernet is an excellent way to move beyond expensive bonded T-1 solutions to get the bandwidth your office requires without the high cost of fiber optic construction.

Direct Ethernet Service rates from 5Mbps to 100Mbps

Service Gears