IP Phone Service

LiveWireNet uses the latest 100% Digital Signal Processing equipment combined with carrier level telco interconnect trunks, a facilities based network, and a self managed IP network to provide one of the best VOIP services in Colorado.

What does this mean?

Latest DSP technology provides clear audio quality across IP connections.

LiveWireNet is a local Colorado phone company/CLEC and interconnects to the phone network at the highest level possible. This provides excellent reliability and quality of calls.

LiveWireNet is a facilities based CLEC which owns and operates its own network systems in Colorado. This allows for better control of the network and quicker response to service related issues.

LiveWireNet's managed IP network controls the latency or delay in the IP network that calls go through to maintain consistant quality without the varying quality of some Internet based phone calls.

LiveWireNet is a Colorado based company that services it's customers in Colorado, not from some call center in another country or time zone. Response & attention to service is our number one priority.

All of this provides the best
value and service available

Starting at $25 Per Line

Contact us today for a free quote and to learn how LiveWireNet can help reduce your cost and increase your bandwidth! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 303-458-5667

Local Phone Number Same Existing Phone Numbers
300 National Long Distance Per line $0.05 Per Minute After 300
One Standard Hunt Group Additional Hunt Groups Available
DID Lines Available for Each Line
Carrier Transfer Charge Free
E911 With Address Lookup Free
One Directory Listing Free
Voice Mail With E-Mail Integration Free
Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting Free
Three Way Calling Free
Domain Name Hosting Free
E-Mail Accounts With Spam & Virus Filters Free
Web Hosting - Business Grade 10MB Free
Virtual PBX - Auto Attendant Available
Conference Bridge Available

Digital IP Phone Service

  • Cost Effective IP Phone Service
  • Conventional Line Based Service
  • Hosted Service - Eliminates In-Office PBX
  • Clear Call Quality
  • Carrier Level Trunk Lines
  • Land Line Equivalent Service
  • Managed IP Network
  • Full 911 Operation
  • Minimal Taxes & Surcharges
  • Excellent Service & Support

Starting at $25

Broadband Internet

Our broadband offerings are the highest quality in the industry. We offer several DSL services as well as Wireless Broadband and direct Ethernet connectivity solutions to suit the needs of business and residential customers alike. LiveWireNet® offers a Priority Broadbandsm class of service for higher demand business grade requirements and a ValueLinksm connection for cost efficient home and small office connections.

Starting at $25

Network Installation

  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Fiber Optic Termination
  • Service Entry Construction
  • Cat 5E & Cat 6 Structured Systems
  • MDF & IDF Construction
  • Network Testing & Trouble Resolution
  • Wireless Access Point Installation
  • Telephone Switch Installation
  • Emergency Service Available